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Becoming Like Christ
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Sexual abuse
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About Our Founder


Who is Minister Valerie Seymore? 

“When I see people on the streets on drugs, I see the old Val. When I was on drugs no one helped me. No one reached out to me and gave me a helping hand. No one let me know that God loves me, and that I can be restored. It was when I was using drugs that I met God. He healed me; He took the taste and the desire from me. He set me free and my reasonable service as a Christian, is to go out and help others. When I see a young lady out there hurting or even prostituting, whatever the case may be, I know that these women need an encouraging word. It can be food, clothing, or monetary things. Helping others out exemplifies Christ. Christ loves them just as much as He loves me. There are no big I’s and no little u’s." -Min. Valerie Seymore


Minister Valerie Seymour's ministry unto God started when her brother and friend were diagnosed with HIV. During this time, she noticed that everyone was drawn to her house for emotional support. The Lord told Min. Valerie to go and minister to those affected by HIV and AIDS at the University Hospital in Newark, NJ; this initial calling was in 1995. Today, her ministry continues to serve God’s people. She serves people living with HIV, the homeless, women overcoming domestic violence and people struggling with addiction. She is open to anyone who wants to know the Lord. 


Another notable experience she had was when she met a woman that worked at a Liquor store. The Lord told Min. Valerie to tell her that she was a "diamond in the ruff." During this time, the woman was extremely malnourished and struggled with addiction. Min. Valerie stayed connected with her and visited her house to take her to rehab. Min. Valerie took her to detox and then rehab. Thirty days later, when Min. Valerie went to visit her, the woman had gained close to 60 pounds and she was renewed and restored. She gave her life to Jesus!

Today, God has blessed Min. Valerie's home to be the headquarters for Beauty for Ashes, which she started in 1995 by helping people. To Min. Valerie, everyone is her brother and sister.


"It's not always about the people we know, it is about those we don’t know.  When we meet Christ and He comes into our lives, He says to go into the highways and byways and compel them to come. Everyone has something positive within themselves. It is our job to search for the golden nuggets inside of them." -Min. Valerie Seymore

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