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Our Projects

Glamour Shots

We do makeup and photoshoots for the sick. The photoshoots encourage the hearts of the sick and their families; the day of the photoshoot, everyone is so happy waiting with joy in their hearts. These pictures not only build their self -esteem, but sometimes these pictures go on their obituary. One of the most impactful experiences we had with these Glamour Shots is when one of the pictures was displayed on a lady’s obituary and at her funeral. The Lady’s son came to our founder, Valerie Seymour, and said, “I haven’t seen my mother this beautiful in over 14 years.” He began to cry so hard and continued to thank her for her photo.


Collaboration with Organizations

We have partnered with many organizations and churches in order to raise awareness in the community about the people who fall victim to homelessness, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and other detrimental factors. We have partnered with organizations such as Hope One, The Urban League Organization, Integrity Care, Saydahs Career Planning Adventure Inc, Angel Hope House, New Directions and Chosen Generation Ministries. Through these organizations, we bring hope and healing to the community. We share hope, struggle, and testimonies with the community knowing that someone will be encouraged.


Collaboration with Wellness Centers

We have collaborated with many hospitals and wellness centers in order to help and support those who need it. These facilities include St. Michael’s Hospital Women’s Wellness Center, Essex Health and Wellness Recovery Center, Shani Baraka Women's Resource Center and Integrity House Women's Wellness Center. We have participated in trainings which helped certify peer recovery specialists, as well as ribbon cutting ceremonies to acknowledge the opening of new help facilities. We love outreach ministry!


Awareness Walks

We have participated in a variety of annual walks that raise awareness on social issues, like gang violence, as well as spread awareness for people suffering from diseases and addiction. These walks include the Opioid Awareness Walk in Newark NJ, The Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in Newark NJ, and the Kings Stop Killing Kings Walk in Newark NJ. During these walks, we give out free resources and donate Beauty For Ashes shirts to those in the community.

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